To give life to your small garden :

For models with removable flower pic, use the supplied white adhesive and shape it as needed. The adhesive can be reused several times when you take care to shape it again. Make sure you have your hands clean and dry.

  • Add enough water to cover the flower pic.
  • Cut the flowers stems at different heights and place them on the needles or between them for small stems.
  • For more rigid stems, make some incisions to facilitate insertion.
  • Arrange the foliage or branches to relevant places as to create harmonious arrangement with the flowers.

Suggestion : use an odd number of flowers and foliage.

Recut or change your small garden according to your inspiration.

The life of a garden depends on the freshness and variety of flowers used. Check the level water regularly and change as needed.

Maintenance :

To clean the small pieces of glass, the vase and the flower pic, dissolve a Polident tablet directly in the water for 12 hours and rinse thoroughly afterwards. Use vinegar to clean scale buildups within the vase.

For the model with permanent flower pic, if it takes off, remove the silicone from the bottom of the vase and glue the flower pic with clear silicone. Let dry for 48 hours before using the vase.




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