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Jean-Claude Gardner & Les Jardins de Lumière

Born in Montreal January 26, 1958, Jean-Claude Gardner has been working in the arts & crafts business since 1990. Self-taught by nature, he worked at the beginning as a metal sculptor from 1990 to 1996. He used as a medium an alloy of tin and lead to bind together semi-precious stones – wooden wrecks and various forms of glass to give shape to chandeliers, each of them having a unique form.

In 1997, he meets Manon St-Jules, self-taught glass artist for a few years. Manon passed him on her expertise in the field of thermoformed glass. Jean-Claude deepened the notions he received by reading some technical books and developing his mastery during an intensive training in their own workshop. Thus was born a variety of vases for fresh flowers arrangements, inspired by the Japanese floral art IKEBANA.

Even today , Jean Claude is still fascinated by the results he gets from simple glass plates and how they  can be shaped in ways that may have appeared to be impossible.

For 16 years now, Jean-Claude and Manon have been able not only to attract thousands of people to purchase one of their vases, with a genuine simplicity they also inspired them to create floral arrangements. Resulting in the great satisfaction of making themselves their own creations.

DSC_0096Method of production :

Each piece of thermoformed glass vase originates from a ceramic master model, reproduced in multiple copies (molds) with liquid potery clay, then dried and baked.

These molds are then used for shaping the glass : he places the glass plates of specific dimensions and thicknesses on each of the molds and then cook them in ceramic ovens according to a precise guide of time and temperature.

Fairs and exhibitions

  • Salon des Métiers d’art of Montreal, from 1990 à 2013
  • Salon Plein-Art of Quebec city, from 1990 à 2013
  • Canada Bloom of Toronto, from 1996 à 2009
  • One of a Kind of Toronto, from 2003 à 2009
  • Flowers, plants and Gardens of Montreal, from 1998 à 2003
  • Salon des Métiers d’art of Sherbrooke, from 1992 à 2003
  • Salon des Artisans de St Hyacinthe, from 1992 à 2003
  • Mondial des Cultures of Drummondville, from 1994 à 2000
  • The Original Christmass show of Ottawa, from 1993 à 1997
  • Circuit des arts of Memphremagog, from 1997 à 2000
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